Now presenting the empty whisky glass!

I enjoy a whisky, sometimes more than one or two, sometimes more than that, though always in moderation, almost on a nightly basis. I enjoy the choosing of what to pour myself, delegated by mood nine point nine out of ten times. Opening the box, or at least the cork if it’s not a boxed whisky, choosing which empty whisky glass to use, is exciting in knowing what new or familiar aroma will arise.  It’s also the enjoyment and peace and quiet of a late night whisky while researching, discovering, and learning more and more about whisky in general, reading whisky blogs and finding out about new whiskies.

In doing so, the theme emerged. Somewhat. It’s the empty glass by the side of the kitchen sink the following morning that created a new experience which allowed for the idea to be born. It was actually when nosing and sipping whisky and enjoying some snacks on a special night with some friends recently that the idea truly burst. One of these friends, (you know who Joar, pronounced “you are”), identified an aroma in his empty whisky glass that made me realize I have yet to find a site that shares or discusses tasting notes from emptied whisky glasses. Or maybe some of those tasting notes, as vast as some can be, are actually derived from an empty glasses?

Either way, I have yet to find a place where whisky smells or aromas from an empty whisky glass are shared. And I find different things in these empty glasses than what I initially find in a glass that contains the whisky. Maybe cause it’s the next day, maybe cause of oxidation, or maybe cause the glass has been exposed to the whisky for a longer period of time. Let’s find out…

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