Finally inspired!

Finally inspired: by a good whisky or a sudden burst of industriousness?

Finally inspired! Nice, soft shoe polish, soft old leather; and warm biscuits too? This is from a stemmed, tulip shaped glass. I’m sure it would be different from another glass. And if I leave it til the morning? It’s been empty for about 3 hours. (Port Ellen 21y 50% OMC distilled February 1983, bottled October 2004, 1 of 435 bottles from Cask DL REF 1572 Sherry Butt)

Aforementioned: another empty glass to enjoy.

And while we’re here, why not try another? This is from a Glencairn glass. Lemon! Malt, warm oatmeal cereal. Chocolate, either milk or cocoa powder. (Glenmorangie The Original 40% from a one liter bottle, and thanks Kit!)

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2 Responses to Finally inspired!

  1. Nice concept. how long has the second whisky glass been empty for? It’s always nice to know since it’s the title of your blog.


    • emptywhiskyglass says:

      Joseph thanks for being the first to comment! Yes it is important to mention that second empty whisky glass sampled was like so about 2 hours.

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