Your patience, please…

…while I figure out all this blogging, gravatar, twitter, etc etc stuff! It seems every time I click a link to update or add something I find myself even more lost. I delayed so long, (see time span between first and second posts), because I was afraid to launch this thing without it being perfect, or being in control of everything to do with it and afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up with everyone’s comments, replies, and input. So let me now remind you why you’re reading this: for the love of whisky! I’m a whisky nerd not a computer nerd. Your patience is appreciated while I wander around these backstages to make these performances shine. Patience is what I too must have since when I enjoy a whisky I must wait patiently in order to tell you of my findings, til the, say it with me, the empty whisky glass offers its full pleasures and aromas. Eventually you’ll follow me on Twitter too, (yes emptywhiskyblog) and I can hardly wait to babble up a storm there too. Maybe it is time to get one of those special phones that allow me to tweet-tweet while standing in line at the grocery store. Oh and Facebook too of course will eventually be under my control. How the heck do I get them to pick up my latest posting without running around all these open pages to be sure all my friends are keeping up with my latest blogs in a timely manner? Send me your best wishes, while I finish up this whisky here.

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