Empty whisky glass: a bit of history

Ardbeg Ten is the whisky that almost made me fall backwards the first time I nosed it. It’s the whisky I owe my passion to. It was a quiet, typical, Fall Tuesday night at work, meaning raining, probably sideways, in Bergen, Norway, (eat your heart out Seattle with just 36 yearly inches, Bergen enjoys over 88 inches yearly), when my friend and colleague told me to smell that ugly green bottle on the glass shelf. I did luckily. Wow! “What the hell is that?” I exclaimed and wondered! I was blown away, overcome with wonder and intrigue, excitement, curiosity, interest, and pleasure for this new discovery. I wasn’t interested in tasting it, I just wanted to smell it. I didn’t know what the heck it was I was smelling, or why I loved it, I just wanted to continue doing so, and try to figure it all out. Why did this whisky, or how could this or any other whisky smell like this? The journey began. (Stay tuned for tasting notes)!

"Thanks Ardbeg," doesn't quite express how I feel.

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