No empty glass is safe, ie not whisky

Careful not to empty too many of these glasses!

I’ve just gotten started here and already I’m smelling a non-whisky empty glass! As the title dictates, this most recent tasting note session is from a glass that didn’t previously contain whisky. It contained apple cider. This apple cider is so damn good I can write volumes on enjoying it. It’s a locally made cider, by a good friend, from his own farm’s organic apples. A bit of sugar is added to kick start the spontaneous fermentation and that’s it! Oh, of course they crush those apples first. Again, this stuff is truly incredible. Sadly, but lucky for me, my friend and his father only produce this magnificent apple cider for their, and their friend’s enjoyment. They have gotten a thumbs up from the Norwegian wine monopoly system they would be a customer if they did produce it for sale. You can find more information and fotos about this amazing cider on Vinosseur‘s excellent natural wine blog. Smelling this empty glass is like being in a field of small, white summer flowers on a bright, sunshining, blue-skied day! Hints of honey and red summer apple skins are also prominent. Drinking this stuff is almost like eating a crunchy and juicy, thirst-quenching apple! Thanks again to Joar and his father for producing this stuff, and I can’t wait to taste this year’s!

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