Monday Night, Whisky Night!

Monday Night, Whisky Night!

Last night being the first Monday of the year it was only natural to kick it off with our “Monday night, whisky night!” Monday Night, Whisky night started about 2 years ago, in the late Fall or early Winter of 2008-2009 by two friends and I. One of these friends thought it would be a nice way for us to be social away from the cafe I was running, where we met and spent a lot of time, to give us the opportunity to enjoy a few whiskies, a friendly chat, and some snacks. Since I was busy running our recently opened Cafe Herman, another friend was in-between jobs, and the third in the trio was also working non-“normal” hours, we figured no better way to start the week and have our own weekend than on Monday nights. This also gave us that urban social drinking feeling we missed in this small Western Norwegian village of approximately 2,200 people.

Yes we’re rebelling. We usually don’t start until about 10pm, also very city-like, and rotate whose place we meet at. One of us shops for cheese, dried ham, crackers and nuts, grapes, chocolate, and we usually bring a whisky or two from our own stash to share and enjoy along with those offered by the evening’s host. These nights have become special for me, I look forward to them, though they haven’t always fallen on a Monday night. The Zen-like theme of Monday Night, Whisky Night promotes the idea to live now, not tomorrow or for the weekend. Sure when we first started we did our best to schedule our whisky nights on Monday nights; again, just us rebelling I’m sure. Sinful it is considering what is normal around here, but we aren’t trying to be normal.

Slowly we realized it didn’t have to be a Monday night, as long as we had the opportunity to sit back, sip, snack, relax, collect and share our thoughts and some laughs with each other and realize how lucky we are, and how good life really is. That’s our excuse. Oh, “and because we can.” It’s casual, we don’t have a tasting schedule or make tasting notes. We just decide when to meet, where, who’s bringing what, who’s joining and relax and enjoy.

In these past few years we’ve barbecued, indoors and outdoors, invited friends to join and friends of friends too, of course trying to recruit supposed “I don’t like whisky,” people. We’ve even made our own traditional Norwegian beer with malt from Laphroaig! And once, a friend not having any whisky at home and choosing not to show up empty handed brought Cognac. (Once)! We had a great laugh and tasted that too of course. On another night a whisky friend from Oslo passing through joined us. We’ve even travelled to Stockholm to enjoy their annual Beer and Whisky Festival. And on another night as such, the emptywhiskyglass was born.

Now for the tasting notes for the above pictured whisky. An exciting and interesting 18 or 19 year old, 1989 Tullibardine selected by BOX in Ådalen, Sweden, and those behind Ådalen Distillery. These guys, (girls too probably), pick some great and interesting casks to bottle! I’m looking forward to tasting their new make spirit. Green vegetal characteristics, like green peppers, like good Tequila, and sweet dried barley.
This Friday is our next Monday Night, Whisky Night so join us if you’re around, or in spirit wherever you find yourself.

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4 Responses to Monday Night, Whisky Night!

  1. Maltjerry says:

    Like to do a Monday night… over skype sometime?

  2. Certainly Maltjerry why not, video Skype even better right.

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