Warming for the Winter

Warming Winter Toddy with some of my favorite things. (Thanks for taking this great foto Kari-Anne Hamre, and for making this too).

Here’s something! Quite spectacular considering most of these ingredients are favorites of mine. The only thing missing is a squeeze of fresh lemon, maybe, which I think would have given this Winter Nightcap Toddy a bit more balance and freshness. Otherwise it was nice to try, glad we finally did. It contains Ardbeg Rollercoaster, (but it’s the TEN the recipe called for), St. Germain, (a French artisanal elderflower liqueur), local honey, and chamomile tea.

And for the empty glass notes: that’s a wooden house on fire! Burning wooden matchsticks too. Small white summer flowers and honey are prominent. (The glass was just emptied so these were still quite evident, especially the burning wooden house, from when the toddy was still in the glass. And now it’s been a few hours emptied so those have settled a bit, and now soft smoke smoldering those beautiful small white delicate summer flowers. Maybe the honey is trying to sneak in there too with some late summer fruits, like apples, and such a slight hint of medicinal notes weaving everything together. Good night, and sweet whisky dreams!

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