Coincidence, or does everything happen for a reason?

Now happily living in Brussels

It’s about time! Finally I’m filling my empty whisky glass, with beer. It’s where I left off come to think of it. I could give thousands of excuses explaining my absence, but instead I’ll just give one. We’ve happily moved. I am now located right in the heart of the EU, literally, in the EU Quarter of Brussels. This means I’m also smack in the center of clearly the beer capitol of the world. Okay that last bit is excuse number two why I haven’t written sooner: I’ve been busy sniffing empty beer glasses, too. And what a variety there are here! Yes a variety of beers but of course also the glasses they are served in. A friend I coincidentally bumped into the day after I arrived taught me “you can return your beer to the bartender or server if it was served in the wrong glass.” But wait! What’s the right glass? This isn’t going to be easy.

Being in the heart of the world’s beer capitol means my whisky passion must take a backseat and let beer take the wheel. I would be stupid not to take advantage of this strategic positioning. And so I have been exploring. First discovery was, (thanks again to the above mentioned friend teaching me about the glassware), the Duchesse de Bourgogne, a Flemish red ale, a very wine or Champagne-like beer due to its ageing in casks and blending of different ages. Sorry I don’t have “empty” notes at this time, but do try it yourself if you have the opportunity.

From the Duchesse de Bourgogne, (I’m proud to say I’ve only been enjoying Belgian beers since my arrival), I’m now rediscovering the Cantillon Brewery. I tasted its Gueuze a few times in Norway when a friend recommended it, and I wanted to like it because it was so different and interesting yet I couldn’t reach a conclusion. Exploring it and understanding it further makes me truly appreciate it now. I’m lucky the Cantillon Brewery is located right here in Brussels, and I can get there in less than 30 minutes! This emptied Gueuze yielded barrels of old farm and sweet wort. Can’t wait to enjoy it again!

Don't judge an empty glass from its distorted image


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