Back to the whisky bar

Empty bottles displayed

Empty bottles displayed as tease to tempt various customers?

This perfect weather doesn’t suit my mood to drink whisky, or sit indoors and write this I’ll be honest. Here in Brussels it seems this Spring, (my first here), has been perfect. Rain days can be counted with a few fingers, and nothing to dampen the mood of this great city a bit. Sunny blue skies seem normal now, and remind me of waking up in California and looking out the window to insure another stellar day and night. But I had to visit that recommended whisky bar that was closed that Monday night. It being a Friday of course it would be open. And it wasn’t! Luckily as we arrived and stood gawking at the darkness that was inside, someone arrived with the keys. I had to open my mouth and ask why it was closed again, and if it was for good or just my luck? Imposing myself, I asked to at least come in and have a quick look at the whisky selection, the reason I was back. Empty whisky containers/boxes lined a ledge and it seemed I finally found a new place to visit regularly. He wondered who told me about the place, I told him, and he was off to turn on the lights for us to have a better look. His hospitality welcomed us warmly, and he insisted on staying for a whisky, even though the injured staff was the reason L’Absolu was unexpectedly closed again. He told us he was the “responsable” as he curiously reached for the bottles our obvious language barrier pronunciation posed. Some interesting and older bottlings excited me but I wondered how long these bottles were open for? Rare Malts Cardhu 27y, Ardbeg 17y and 1977, and Bruichladdich 10y from a few years back to name a few. My wonderment if they were still enjoyable after being exposed and on the shelf open for so long was abruptly met by their emptiness. Why display them on service shelves if you’re not actually pouring them? To sniff them at least didn’t even cross my mind then as disappointment overwhelmed me. I shook it off and since he insisted on staying for one we did, and attempted to pick from those bottles that weren’t empty. It was sort of like finding which coconut shell the red ball was hiding under. The missus chose the Bruichladdich 10y, a favorite, and one of the few Scottish Single Malts she enjoys. Bourbon is her poison, my craving too in the summertime. It was almost empty, about 2cl remained and was generously offered by our host since he could see our disappointment again. I settled on the Blanton’s since I could see it wasn’t empty and bourbon was the mood. I’m still wondering if those empty bottles have full replacements in their storage somewhere, and will be replacing the empty ones when the staff returns from her injured knee? Next time I’m in the neighborhood I’ll have to stop in and check, if they’re open.

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