From the empty whisky glass

So last night I knew I was going to enjoy more than a few whiskies, so I decided to just use the same Glencairn glass for all of them, knowing full well my empty tasting notes would be quite interesting today. I only have two Glencairn glasses here, and I didn’t feel like washing them after each different whisky so I didn’t, also explaining why I chose to use just one glass.
First up was the always fantastic Highland park 18y! Followed by another Highland Park, the Hjärta, a 12y limited bottling of just under 4,000 bottles specifically for the Highland Park visitor’s center commemorating the Orkney Island’s Viking connection with Scandinavia. The Hjärta sold out immediately in Sweden, and lingered a bit in Norway prior to finally selling out. I’m not sure about Denmark, how many bottles were sent there and how quickly it sold out. On top of those two Highland Parks went three Ardbegs, poured from one small sample bottle, (a blend of my own prior to moving here from Norway). The Lagavulin 16y 1994 Double Matured topped it all off.
Today I’m getting quite an interesting combination of all of them! Lots of savory umami is most prominent on first whiff, which is on top of sweet dried summer hay. And vanilla of course from those nice Ardbegs. Okay there we go, now asparagus too! ‘Tis the season isn’t it? That’s green asparagus I find, not the white ones so popular in the early Spring season. That green asparagus characteristic has overtaken everything now!

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