A planned, spontaneous weekend

Europe's center and heart for good reason

So here comes another exciting weekend in Brussels! This city just continues to amaze and entertain, and I realize in order to keep up with everything going on around here I’ll need a full time job to do so. (Yes I’m still looking)! The big city shadows cast from Paris and London are what perhaps keep us out of the spotlight, and that’s just fine with me. We have plenty to keep us busy and entertained here without their big big city hassles, no disrespect intended. But it’s the Belgian beers that earn its spotlight, brightening those overcast shadows, amongst other things. This weekend will prove it.

This weekend my friend, beer and whisky nut Amund from Oslo is visiting with a few friends to attend the 20th annual Weekend of Spontaneous Fermentation hosted by The Opstalse Bierpallieters. To top this off, hard to do I’m sure, we have the new Gueuzerie Tilquin opening up! I’m sure a visit to the Cantillon Brewery will be on Amund’s list, as it’s always on mine, as is the mandatory visit to Moeder Lambic.
Planned spontaneity, spontaneously planned, or whatever you want to call it, I’ll surely be enjoying spontaneously fermented beers this weekend. Enjoy yours too!

Last weekend was also a good one in Brussels.

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