A small break between “Whisky Whiskey everywhere…” (parts 1 and 2): Gueuze it is!

I’m still wondering what site or link I luckily found that led me to this place on Saturday afternoon, but I’ll be visiting in the morning, not really too long from now actually.

In the Insurance against Great Thirst as its name translates to, recognized as possibly having the best offering of lambic, gueuze, and kriek, etc, in the world, a visit is a must, and seems quite out of the ordinary since they’re only open on Sundays from 10am-1.30pm. I’ll again leave Brussels and head East, this time on the bus, after the metro gets me to the bus station. It’s only 15km away, a small bike ride if I had one. Since I don’t I’ll get up at an abnormal hour, especially for a Sunday, and plan to arrive about 10am when they open. Wish me luck, and sweet gueuze dreams!

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2 Responses to A small break between “Whisky Whiskey everywhere…” (parts 1 and 2): Gueuze it is!

  1. Maltjerry says:

    The more your write about this stuff, the more I envy your exploration. When we visit, we’ll all hire small bikes and ride out there.

  2. emptywhiskyglass says:

    A bike ride out there would be great! And we can rent scooters from them as well, and explore this fertile Pajottenland, but obviously prior to enjoying the great beers I suggest.
    And see my brief write up on it at ilovemycity.net

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