That’s what I came here for

Notes from emptied Amrut whisky glasses

Last night I really enjoyed my first whisky “twasting.” That’s Twitter + tasting = twasting for those unfamiliar with the term or concept. I even ran out of the tail end of a dual beer tasting hosted by James from Brew Dog and Evan from Ægir! I hated to but samples from Amrut Indian Single Malt Whisky (thanks again Ashok) awaited me. These twastings are happening more and more frequently, and if you’re participating or following, you’ll enjoy the flood of informative twasting notes on the same whiskies being tasted from various individuals spread out far and wide. It was a fantastic evening well organized and hosted by The Scots Dreamer Colin Campbell @TheScotsdreamer,  with of course @Amrutsinglemalt providing, and others participating or following, and in no particular order, find and follow @galg @AWG_whisky @blrbwmn @ScotchNoob @GJR71 @OliverKlimek @exmosis @theWhiskyReview @maltjerry @DavindeK (apologies, and please comment below if I accidentally missed mentioning you). Spaced throughout this big world made small via social media, we all enjoyed focusing on five different whiskies from the Amrut Distillery. Search Twitter for #amrut5 to find our twasting experience.

And as for today, as promised, here are my twasting “notes from an empty whisky glass” in the order we tasted…

@emptywhiskyglas: Amrut Single Malt 46% is raisin and malt.

@emptywhiskyglas: Amrut Intermediate Sherry Matured 57.1% prune, other dark slightly dried fruits

@emptywhiskyglas: Mystery Amrut wow nutty sweet brittle, some honey, popcorn even!

@emptywhiskyglasAmrut Fusion 50% oh that perfect peat smoke from last night lingers, classic…

……and raisins too, intertwined with perfect peat, along with vanilla custard, fruit juice.

@emptywhiskyglasAmrut Peated 46% medicinal peat prominent, some nut brittle in this one too.

Finally, if you have been following me @emptywhiskyglas you’ll be aware of my move from Brussels last month back up to Norway, and just this past Wednesday finally settling nicely into the beautiful, so far sunny, capital city of Oslo. This move back reunites me with my whiskies, so check back for more empty whisky tasting notes, plus whatever other glasses I’ll nose.  Thanks for reading and following!

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2 Responses to That’s what I came here for

  1. says:

    The few Amruts I have tasted – Fusion one of them – they are just not my type of whisky. I think they have a strange taste of (unwanted) chemicals…
    I guess that leaves more bottles to you Amrut fans…. 🙂

    • emptywhiskyglass says:

      I’m surprised to read of your experiences with Amrut Duffer. I haven’t found that myself and I’ve tasted quite a few. Could the “strange taste of (unwanted) chemicals” be that weird/interesting and classic/typical almost “plastic” hint found in bourbon? But “to each his or her own” right, and I’m sure Amrut fans are happy and grateful. Thanks for commenting!

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