Yours truly, Emptywhiskyglass 

Observations, experiences, and tasting notes from an empty whisky glass

Just to clear my name of guilt and misunderstanding, I’ve decided to once again inform you of the origins of said name, Emptywhiskyglass. It all started way back in the Fall of 2003 after I discovered my deep passion for whisky. I always left the empty glass by the side of the kitchen sink either cause it was just too late, or I was lazy. Or maybe because the kitchen was only slightly partitioned from the bedroom and I didn’t want to wake her up. Nevertheless there the glass stayed. Until whenever I got up, and the first thing I did was reach for that empty whisky glass for a sniff. The alcohol evaporated and what was left were “tasting notes from an empty whisky glass.” Sometimes different, sometimes similar, always interesting whatever I found. Now it seems these aromas have developed into observations, experiences, and tasting notes as seen or smelled through an empty whisky, beer, wine, sake or whatever glass. You’ll realize this if you follow me on Twitter @emptywhiskyglas. Hopefully that better explains I’m not looking for answers at the bottom of a bottle or a glass, but instead just another way of enjoying and learning about the whisky or whatever is in the glass. Experiences. Observations. Tasting notes from an empty whisky glass.

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