It’s about, time! (And how the Vinmonopolet helped save my life).

May already! My how time flies, it always amazes me. Thanks for your patience if you have been, and for returning now to read my excuses and excitements.

I began working for the Vinmonopolet Wednesday morning the 16th of November last year and I’m truly enjoying it like nothing else! I’m based at the Vika shop here in Oslo, one of two in Norway out of 269 total shops spread throughout the country that has a “Spesialbutikk.” (Google translate that link)!  I’m truly enjoying working in such a dynamic setting with a huge selection of world class products, customers, and with colleagues that constantly learn, teach and are equally passionate about what they’re doing. That should help explain excuse number one: why I haven’t posted “notes from an empty whisky glass” in these past months. As an employee I must remain “neutral, in the sense that no favouritism is shown between brands, producers, countries or suppliers.” Thus you’ll no longer find me tweeting @emptywhiskyglas about “booze specifics.” Sure it’s not easy to stifle my passion and not share what I’m enjoying with you, but come visit me at the shop, the arena I’m allowed to passionately share my favorites which is exactly what I continue to be appreciated for.

In these past six months I’ve found myself telling fellow colleagues and friends numerous times how relieved and happy I am to be free from the restaurant business I’ve loved and hated working in for over 20 years. To one colleague I even found myself blurting while stocking shelves one day, “The Vinmonopolet saved my life!” “In vino veritas.”

I’ve felt warmly welcomed into a large family of experts. Being able to use all of my past employment experiences and public speaking education, I continue to learn and grow which is exactly what I expect of myself not only in my free time but at work, too.

And it’s hard to call it work even when this lifetime night owl wakes up early to run around a booze mecca assisting mostly baffled customers regarding a selection of 12,000 available products. Crazy I know! 12,000 different alcoholic possibilities offered to a population of a mere 5,000,000. But I’m happily doing just that. And will continue to do so as I see myself growing (old) with this company.

Six months past? How about the 10 years that have flown by in Norway, celebrating so a few months back! Imagine that, May now, my how time does fly.

I’m still smelling empty whisky, wine, beer or whatever glasses. (And those aren’t my glasses, I don’t wear glasses, yet).

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2 Responses to It’s about, time! (And how the Vinmonopolet helped save my life).

  1. vinosseur says:

    Nice post, so I guess this is you sort of signing off? I have been sniffing tons of empty (and full) glasses these past two days at the RAW wine fair in London.. Even smelled an empty glass today that smelled dead on like Marzipan. Fantastic!
    Usually the sort of wines I consume, low-intervention or natural wines, tend to leave amazing aromas in the glass they just occupied. Just one drop is enough to leave a bouquet behind.

    • emptywhiskyglass says:

      Thanks for your comment and glad to hear nosing EMPTY glasses is catching on, cool! And maybe I’ve misled you and other readers, as I’m not “signing off” just explaining my whereabouts and why I’m no longer specifying what I’m enjoying in this and other public arenas. Looking forward to hearing about that fair, and reading more empty natural wine glass notes!

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