The whisky glass is empty, for now

Lately, my whisky glass has been empty, no not emptied. I haven’t been enjoying much whisky lately. In fact, at this time I surprisingly only have one bottle open, a bourbon, usually my summer craving. Just one bottle open rather than at least the normal dozen? I can explain. When I did have those dozen or more open bottles I was living elsewhere, where my whiskies had their own room to be displayed and fondled, and open bottles over on a table in said room to be enjoyed from. I was enjoying whisky almost daily, and weekly at least with a few great whisky friends calling those special Zen-like evenings Monday Night, Whisky Night.

I’ve moved more than a few times since those times less than a few years ago and the whiskies remain tenderly packed in their numbered boxes. I’ve only added a few and drank a few since.

No! I haven’t stopped drinking. I don’t plan on ever doing that because I appreciate the smell, mostly, and taste far too much to limit my senses from doing so. What I have been filling my glasses with are natural wines and lambic/geuze beers. Again, my mood and the season delegate what I eat and drink, as long as it’s humanly/humanely produced by farmers, artisans, or the like, preferably spontaneously fermented, with the least amount of intervention and bla bla bla added, and hopefully unfiltered, I’m usually happy. Oh, and of course it better be good, too!

Not to worry, I’ll of course come back around to whisky when the time comes. In fact I’ve been meaning to open a new bottle of something the past weeks, I’m just not sure what the mood or season calls for.

Nevertheless, my “notes from an empty whisky glass” continue.

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