Missing Brussels

I’ve been attempting to write an ode to Brussels, a missing Brussels bit for a good number of weeks. Various versions have sprouted, one has been emailed for future online publishing, but one just for me and you here dear reader continues to almost haunt me. Nostalgie radio plays while I write, uprooting further memories of last summer’s and year’s six months well spent exploring a city I had previously not visited prior to moving there in February. Now it’s been almost a year since I left, and I hope when I do visit those wonderful six months I spent are relived, and live up to this ode.

Please let me stop struggling and instead list for you the places I miss. Hopefully this summer or fall you happen to be visiting this dynamic city and just before departure you have time to ask the internet for more information, directions, and you do visit the following.

Eat and drink…

Cool Bun

Viva M’Boma

Mamma Roma

A Boute de Souffre

Au Vieux Bruxelles

Maison Antoine

Comus & Gasterea

Laurent Gerbaud

Chez Catherine

Moeder Lambic

Cantillon Brewery & Brussel’s Museum of the Gueuze

3 Fonteinen Brewery

Cobra Bar

In De Verzerkering Tegen De Grote Dorst


Quick. Simple. Concise. Let’s move on.

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