…moving right along (or Oslo is where it’s at)

Surprisingly, sunflowers survive in Oslo.

I left Brussels a year ago today.
Landing back in Norway that I left 6 months prior after living almost 9 years previously, Bergen was my first stop. I lived there for 6 years after initially leaving the sunny South San Francisco Bay Area so I guess why not land there first after being away. Plus my big brother vinosseur was in town working.

Many people tend to confuse us, thinking we’re one and the same. Here’s proof vinosseur and emptywhiskyglass aren’t the same person!

Sure I miss California, still, after having left over 10.5 years ago. I miss the perfect weather, the fresh ingredients, the variety of those ingredients, and the variety of people and cultures from all over, like Brussels. But I don’t miss the traffic, the go go go get ’em and everything stress-based that comes with it. The forced living and struggle to get ahead only to find yourself still behind everything you’re striving for is also what I happily left behind.
I’ve been gone awhile indeed. And in fact it’s been two years, right now, since I was even back for a visit. But with all of this moving around and shifting such leisure travel sadly takes a back seat.
Oslo. It’s not bad here, well besides this summer that’s quickly fading into Fall, in August. Summer scattered itself here and there, showing up for a day maybe two, but mostly I was constantly reminded of those 9 years I lived in the West of Norway where rain was our predominant seasoning. I was guaranteed by many friends living here for years prior to moving here summer was a sure thing, sun sun sun, bathing suits, swimming, smiles, ice cream, barbecues, and not a trace of Bergen. They lied. Or maybe the earth just warmed to welcome me.

Shy Sommelier Sverre and I worked together in Bergen years back and now we both happen to live here. (He’s probably one of the ones that told me Oslo’s weather was better than Bergen).

I’m moving right along. Right where I wanna be. Quickly we forget about those miserable days when the sun finally decides to show itself off and dry things up. But I haven’t forgotten those times stuck in Bay Area traffic struggling to get ahead.
And like I tell those surprised and questioning Norwegians, still, after over 10 years here, “I’d rather walk in the rain than be stuck in traffic under the sun.” And that’s no lie.

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4 Responses to …moving right along (or Oslo is where it’s at)

  1. That is such a sweet story. We miss you in Bergen, please come back. It won’t rain.;)

  2. emptywhiskyglass says:

    And it rains even more in Brekke, and usually sideways so umbrellas are senseless. Please let me know next time you’re in Oslo!

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